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National Black Cat Day 27 October 2017 #blackcatday

22 October 2018
National Black Cat Day 27 October 2017 #blackcatday


Did you know it's National Black Cat Day soon? It's on Saturday 27th of October 2018 and we wanted to let you all know in advance so you can understand just how amazing black cats are.

There are so many superstitions about black cats and they tend to be the cats that get left at the back of the adoption queue. Why is beyond us! This could be because people mistakenly associate the colour with a lack of character or facial expression- which couldn't be further from the truth!  There are some sleek panthers and some cheeky little mites and they all have their own unique personalities. 

So if you've room in your home for a feline companion- give a black cat a chance, you won't regret it!