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Could you be a Home Visitor?

07 July 2018
Could you be a Home Visitor?

Are you good with people, and do want to ensure that branch cats go to suitable happy homes? Could you talk to people about basic cat care and cat ownership, and deal with questions where necessary? Do you have your own transport?

Yes? Then maybe you could help! The work of a Home Visiting Officer is great fun and really important. Before we home any cat we have to visit the potential home to meet the new potential owners, and to ask and answer questions. This way we know that our cats will be happy and well looked after! It’s not about looking at the home itself, it’s about making sure that the new owners know the basics of care and commitment, and that the cat can be safe from any avoidable dangers and risks.

All our Home Visitors will get training and support – the first few visits will be shadowing an existing volunteer, so you won’t have to go it alone!

Summary of Responsibilities:

To ensure that Branch cats are given a good, suitable home, safe from unnecessary risk

To answer questions from the potential new owner

To supply the potential new owner with relevant information where necessary

To report back to the Homing Officer promptly following a home check

Interested? Then please send us an email to info@glasgowbranch.cats.org.uk with your full address details & phone number and we will give you a call (Please mind we are a volunteer branch & it may be a few days before you hear back from us)