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Has your cat got smelly breath?

15 January 2017
Has your cat got smelly breath?

A friend of the branch recently got in touch to tell us about the importance of checking on the health of cats' teeth. Because pussycats will not always tell you when they are in pain. The friend has 4 cats, including a smaller cat with a slighter build who is never too greedy with his food. As it turns out this cat had a couple of bad teeth and had been suffering for quite some time. But as a stoic little man he just got on with things and although he was eating less this was not really noticed (because he was always so polite at meals times).

And the clue that something was wrong?

Bad breath! So please keep an eye (and an nose!) on your cat's mouth.

Bad breath is often the sign that pussycat has dental problems. Regular checks at the vet (once every 6 months at a minimum) will help keep your cat in tip top condition but in between checking for sticky smells (not cat food!) emanating from pussycat's mouth will help to ensure that his/her teeth and gums are OK. Hey, you could even clean pussycat's teeth yourself. We've even got a guide about it.