Success stories - Adopt a cat

SUCCESS STORY: Norman (adopted 20 November 2017 – updated 17 January 2018)

Handsome Norman was adopted on 20 November 2017 by Miller and has now been in his “forever” home for 2 months. Miller’s partner has very kindly sent a wee update on Norman which we would like to share with you:

Hi all, Just thought some of you might like an update on Norman.

My boyfriend adopted Norman 8 weeks ago and I have to say he's and absolute sweetheart. His favourite things to do are stare at the birds from the windows and play with the water out of the tap. He goes crazy for feather toys and balled up bits of paper.

We were told he wasn't much of a lap cat but he's starting to sleep on our laps more often. I've attached some pics, hope you all enjoy them x


SUCCESS STORY: Sage (adopted 8 October 2017 - updated 12 January 2018)


Beautiful Sage (previously Soy) was adopted on 8 October 2017 by Ishbel & family and has now been in her “forever” home for nearly 3 months. Ishbel has very kindly sent an update on Sage which we would like to share with you:

Hello, I'm Ishbel, in October I adopted Sage (previously Soy, we changed her name), a wee black cat who was put up for adoption after a change in her previous familys circumstances. Monday 8th Jan 2018 marks our three month anniversary with the little cutie, so thought you might fancy an update.

She's settled in incredibly well, and seems to be loving life. Sage splits her time sleeping, playing and eating, and her most favourite thing in the world is to steal plastic bags and sit on them. Close second is waking us at 3am with head bunts for playtime.

We love Sage and everything about her, from her little nose boops against our noses, the fact she's a purr machine, and her butt wiggles when the mysterious red dot appears...

 I've attached a few photos to show her in all her cuteness!

 Thank you so much for choosing us to adopt her!

 Ishbel and Kevin x


SUCCESS STORY: Gizmo (adopted 14 December 2017 - updated 10 January 2018)


Handsome little Gizmo was adopted on 14 December 2017 by Claire & Dan and has now been in his “forever” home for nearly 4 weeks.

We know many of you have been asking how Gizmo is getting on, well we have received a fantastic update which we would love to share as follows:

Hi, Just a little update on Gizmo...

Hopefully the pictures show that he has more than settled and already rules the roost in our house!!! He is very much part of our family and we absolutely adore him.

His behaviour patterns are eat, sleep, play, repeat! You said he had a quirky personality and he has not disappointed!!

We are unable to relax on the sofa without him climbing all over us for cuddles and he insists on taking up half of our bed every night! He also loves his food and is not shy in letting us know when he is hungry. Play time is also good fun!

We were spoilt with gifts over the festive period and much of what was given to us was actually for Gizmo!

We cannot thank CP enough for bringing Gizmo into our lives and feel very lucky to have him.

Claire and Dan x