Success stories - Lost & found

Oliver (Clarkston, Glasgow)

GOOD NEWS – Oliver is reunited home after 35 days

Oliver who went missing from his home in Clarkston, Glasgow between the evening of Saturday 9 December/ morning of Sunday 10 December 2017 has been found and was reunited home with his family earlier today (14/01/2018) after his 35 day adventure.

A nearby neighbour had spotted him and around her garage, let his family know & other than being a little skinny he seems okay.

His family are absolutely delighted to have him home and would like to pass on their “thanks” to everyone who shared his post & and also “thank” everyone who helped look for him when he was missing.

Welcome home Oliver x


Eva (Dykebar, Paisley)


GOOD NEWS – Eva has come home after 73 days

Eva who went missing from her home in Dykebar, Paisley on Monday 30 October 2017 surprised her family earlier today (Friday 12 January 2018) by returning home after her extended adventure. Here’s a wee message from her family:

Sitting in my kitchen and I hear a cat miaowing...
Start shouting there’s a cat in the garden miaowing ... it sounds like Eva
Family think I’m nuts
Look out the window ... call her name
And she comes running 😁😁😁

My family are ecstatic and so is our cat ... she’s got bite marks and bits of hair missing but she is ok ... THANK YOU EVERYONE who has helped us search and keep an eye out for Eva 😘💜😘 ... she’s grounded until she turns into a lion 😂😂


Luna (Deaconsbank, Glasgow)

GOOD NEWS – Luna has been found

7 month old Luna had went missing from her home in Deaconsbank on Friday 5 January 2018

She had just started to go outside to explore her garden but she usually didn’t go out for long or far from home and when her family went to check on her she was nowhere to be seen.

After being missing for 4 days she was found on Tuesday 9 Januaury 2018 safe & well a few streets away from her home hiding under a car.

Her family are over the moon at having found her and would like to pass on their "thanks" to everyone who helped look for her when she was missing.