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Here is all the latest news from Cats Protection and the Cats Protection Glasgow Branch.
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Cats Protection News

Oh-no! Allergic to cats!

Oh-no! Allergic to cats!25-Jan-2016

Oh-no! Allergic to cats!These days more and more people find themselves with allergies, sometimes even to cats. Does this mean they can’t be a happy cat owner? Certainly not. With a little extra care even the most allergic individual can enjoy having a cat under their roof. Taking on some of the following tips could make a big difference to you and your cat. Consider replacing your carpet ...

Has your cat got smelly breath?

Has your cat got smelly breath?13-Jan-2016

A friend of the branch recently got in touch to tell us about the importance of checking on the health of cats' teeth. Because pussycats will not always tell you when they are in pain. The friend has 4 cats, including a smaller cat with a slighter build who is never too greedy with his food. As it turns out this cat had a couple of bad teeth and had been suffering for quite some time. But as a ...

Winter tips for cats

Winter tips for cats04-Jan-2016

Winter tips for cats The plunging temperatures, icy conditions and risk of snowfall present a number of risks for pet cats, particularly those cats who like to wander outside.  However following a few simple tips can help to keep cats safe: 1. When your cat comes in from the snow, wipe off any road grit and any other substances that may stick to his paws or fur. 2. Keep the doors...

A reminder that we

A reminder that we've launched a Google+ page!02-Jan-2016

Yes, we've launched our very our Cats Protection Glasgow Branch page on the social networking platform Google+. Click here to see it. We'd love it if you would join Google+ and follow us. We're hoping that we'll reach even more cat lovers with Google+ so that we can find homes for our cats in care, attract more volunteers (especially cat fosteres) and help lost and found cats. And don't forget, ...

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