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Here is all the latest news from Cats Protection and the Cats Protection Glasgow Branch.
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Cats Protection News

My special “Golden Oldies”

My special “Golden Oldies”19-Aug-2015

  Blackie & Sooty are two “Senior Kittizen’s” cats who were adopted from Cats Protection by Erin about 5 & ½ years ago. Sadly Blackie passed away last week aged 17 years after living a long, happy, content life where she was very much loved.  We would like to share this message from Erin with you, “ I just wanted to thank you so much for giving...

Adopting an older cat

Adopting an older cat17-Aug-2015

We often have older residents who are searching for their forever families. Sometimes we can have these senior kitties with us for a while because they get overlooked in favour of kittens and younger cats, but they really do have great benefits of their own! What you see is what you get! Adopting an older cat means that what you see really is what you get! The cat has already developed their ...

Cat carrier issues solved

Cat carrier issues solved11-Aug-2015

It's the time every cat owner dreads- a trip to the vet or cattery means kitty has to go into her carrier, which she doesn't like one bit! Worst of all some cats seem to have a kind of sixth sense and will disappear even before you bring it out. So what's the solution to avoiding this annual wrestling match? If you have difficulty getting your cat into her carrier, or if she vanishes the minute ...

Introducing a new cat to a resident cat

Introducing a new cat to a resident cat05-Aug-2015

Are you thinking of adding to your feline family but are worried about the reaction of the cat(s) you already have? Well, let us present a handy guide to introducing a new cat into your household. Cats are territorial and need to be introduced to other animals very slowly in order to give them time to get used to each other. Slow introductions can prevent problems and conflicts from developing. ...

Keep your cat cool during the hot weather

Keep your cat cool during the hot weather04-Jul-2015

You may be welcoming the hot weather but don't forget your feline friends! There are lots of things you can do to keep them comfortable and safe, starting with providing plenty of shade and cool water. Check out our leaflet for more tips: http://bit.ly/1R9BB8k...


Here's a nice wee story why you should consider adopting26-Jun-2015

Hot off the heels of Kirsten & Itsy's success story we have yet another! Today we have Rosetta and Pixie!Rosetta adopted Pixie (or vice versa as is usually the case!) a mere week ago and already Pixie is ruling the roost, making more use of Rosetta’s bed than Rosetta!Pixie is a typical kitten busying herself finding hidey holes or running around the house at top speed, keeping Rosetta on...

Why Adopt?

Why Adopt?25-Jun-2015

Here at Cats Protection you could be forgiven for thinking we are all about cats! It can be easy to forget the human stories that accompany our furry friends. Adopting a cat not only improves their life it brings their human countless joys too.Recently we received a wonderful email from Kirsten (and Itsy!) that we simply had to share. “I would like to thank you.14 years ago I adopted my cat...

Diabetes Aware Week ( 14 - 20 June 2015)

Diabetes Aware Week ( 14 - 20 June 2015)14-Jun-2015

Could your cat be in danger of developing Diabetes? Maybe you care for a cat with diabetes? Here are the essentials you need to know… Common Signs and Symptoms• Excessive thirst/drinking• Excessive urination• Unexplained weight loss• Changes in appetite• Vomiting• Lethargy CausesGenetic inability the pancreas to produce of ...

Cool for cats

Cool for cats12-Jun-2015

The sun is shining and it’s important to keep your cat comfortable and as cool as possible during these hot days. Below are a few handy tips which will help Try keeping kitty in during the hottest part of the day which is between 11am and 4pm or make sure there are plenty of areas in your garden where they can seek shade. Exposure to the sun can be a trigger factor for a type of cancer...

Glasgow Cats Protection Glasgow Branch Supports National Microchipping Month

Glasgow Cats Protection Glasgow Branch Supports National Microchipping Month04-Jun-2015

Cat owners in Glasgow and the Greater Glasgow are being encouraged to keep their pets safe this summer by having their feline friend microchipped. Therefore we are supporting National Microchipping Month which takes place during June and promotes microchipping as part of responsible pet ownership. Though microchipping is a safe and permanent means of identification which increases the chances of...

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