Success stories - Adopt a cat

SUCCESS STORY: Sushi (adopted February 2017 by Maureen & family –updated 27 March 2017)

Beautiful Sushi was adopted on 22 February 2017 by Maureen & family and Maureen has sent us the following update which we would like to share with you:

Just to let you know Sushi is settling in a bit better, she is a lovely cat and we love having her. She has definitely made herself at home. Thanks to Cat Protection for letting us adopt her. Maureen x.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Maureen, we know it took Sushi a wee while to get used to her new surrounds and we are so happy to hear that she is starting to settle in x


SUCCESS STORY: Elsa (adopted by Joyce 24 Feb 2017 - updated 19 March 2017)


Beautiful Elsa was adopted by Joyce on 24 February 2017 and has now been in her “forever” home for just over 3 weeks.
Joyce has sent us an update on Elsa which we would like to share with you:

Elsa has been with me for three weeks and is very much at home. She's a great wee character, very playful and affectionate, and loves watching television.

Thank you for update Joyce, it’s an absolute joy to see it didn’t take Elsa long to make herself at home & settle in with her family x

SUCCESS STORY: Molly & Minnie (previously Shadow & Ziggy -updated 12 March 2017)


Beautiful sisters Molly & Minnie were adopted by James and his family and went to their “forever” home on 24 February 2017.

James has let us know that it didn’t take the ladies long to settle in & make themselves at home and has very kindly forwarded a couple of photos of them chilling out.

James, thank you for sharing. It’s an absolute delight to see them so happy & settled x


SUCCESS STORY: Seamus & Alfie (adopted by Linda & family 6 Feb 2017 - updated 21 Feb 2017)

Remember our two handsome brothers Seamus & Alfie? They were adopted by Linda & her family on 6 February 2017 and have now been in their "forever" home for just over 2 weeks.
Linda has very kindly gave us an update on how they are getting on which we would like to share with you:
Hi there,

Firstly we would like to thank you for letting us adopt Seamus and Alfie.

The two boys have been a pleasure.  Alfie is still a bit shy but same can't be said for Seamus he certainly loves his food lol.  They have bonded well with our cat Abby and she's even beginning to enjoy their company.

We will update you with their progress when we can.

Thanks again Linda x                                                                                                                                                                           

SUCCESS STORY: Bobby (adopted by Jane & family 30 Jan 2017 - update 19 Feb 2017)

Handsome Bobby was adopted by Jane & her family 3 weeks ago and Bobby has sent us a wee text which we would love to share with you:

Quick update for you! Hi, bobby here! Have settled into my new house extremely quickly, so much so I've even been outside after 3 weeks!! I was driving my owners nuts by meowing at the door. I've been up to my usual tricks and am very happy.

My owners love my bubble personality and love when I come through the door with my big loud meow announcing I'm here.

I hope you'll let the others at CP know I'm doing well and thank them for looking after me so well x


SUCCESS STORY: Maisie (adopted 27 Jan 2017 by Fiona - updated 12/02/17)


Beautiful Maisie was adopted by Fiona on 27 January 2017 and has now been in her “forever” home for just over two weeks. Fiona has very kindly sent us an update on Maisie which we would like to share with you:

This is Maisie, a 16 yo British SH I adopted from you 16 days ago! Fair to say she has settled in really well and I love her to bits! She spent the first 2 or 3 days under the scratching post in the corner scoping me and the place out but since then she has really come out her shell and struts around the place like she owns it!

She loves to look out the window (I am in a 3rd floor flat), chasing a ball and is starting to come and sit beside me purring loudly! She has an appetite like a horse! She loves to be brushed.

It's been an absolute pleasure to have been asked to give her a home, thank you for entrusting me with her, she is a beauty!

Fiona, thank you for such a wonderful update, it’s an absolute joy to hear that Maisie has settled so well in her “forever” home x


SUCCESS STORY: Alfie (adopted by Mrs & Mrs Clark 21 Jan 2017 – update 09/02/17)


Alfie was adopted by Mr & Mrs Clark on 21 January 2017 and has been in his “forever” home for nearly three weeks. They have very kindly sent us an update on Alfie which we would like to share with you:

Alfie was adopted by us in January and has now been part of our family for nearly 3 weeks. He very quickly made himself at home - apart from one incident where he got himself lost behind the washing machine (and really scared his mum and dad).

He has settled in well and is getting to know all the rooms and window ledges and comfy sleeping places. We fell in love with him straight away and he has brought so much joy and laughter to us already. Thank you Cats Protection for allowing this wee boy to come into our lives x


SUCCESS STORY: Ed (adopted by Katie & Family 4 January 2017 - update 21 Jan)

Handsome Ed was adopted by Katie & her family on January 4 and has now been in his “forever” home for nearly 3 weeks.

Katie has let us know that on Ed has settled in really well and has made himself very much at home.

Thank you for  the update Katie, it really is appreciated and it’s an absolute joy to see Ed so chilled out & settled in his “forever” home x


SUCCESS STORY: Hamish & Dougal (adopted by Amanda & family June 2016 - update 19/01/17)

Remember Hamish and Dougal? They were adopted by Amanda & her family in June 2016 and Amanda has very kindly sent us an update on how they are getting on which we would like to share with you:

We've had the boys since June 2016 and they have settled in with no issues whatsoever. Both boys are cheeky little chaps who love talking away (not shy about making themselves heard) and snuggling up on our laps or cuddling with each other.

They love getting outside and both are keen hunters who love bringing us little 'gifts' most days (they even put a little dead vole in my slipper last month!!!!  🙀 😷) but we love our boys and can't remember the house without them - best thing we did.

Glad they finally have their forever home 🙀